We help you bring profitable new ideas to life, with a custom component application landscape

An increasingly important factor in your success is the ability to make the most of new software developments. We help you look ahead, and figure out how to use technology to enhance your market position both now and in the future. In order to fully comprehend your challenges, we’ll put together a development team that will operate from within your organization and will accompany you on your journey.

Building commponent libraries

Our frontend solutions enable big brands and companies to accelerate, compete and survive

Remco van Blitterswijk

100% Agile

Our agile method enables us to be fast and flexible in finding the very best solutions together with our clients. We work in three-week sprints. After this short period we deliver a working component, which we make available to the end user to take for a test ride. The feedback is then used to make improvements.

Component Library

Even after the (web) app has been delivered, it is crucial for your organization to be able to implement new functionality quickly, all the while preserving the quality of the code. That’s why, for large projects, we put together a Components Library containing all bits and pieces of code. This allows you to create high-quality software independently, at any time, and to significantly reduce the time it takes to get from idea to end product.