It takes an expert to do an excellent job

In a modern application, the frontend completely determines the user experience. It goes without saying that nothing should go wrong there. Everything needs to be coded in such a way that the app works great and feels fantastic. Anytime and anywhere, on all devices, in any browser and on any platform. In addition, the code should be logical and well-organized, fit into the existing enterprise architecture and, furthermore, be of a level of quality that is easy to maintain and conforms to security and performance requirements.

Our Frontend Experts

Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript

Jeff Atwood
founder Stack overflow

Frontmen focuses 100% on frontend architecture and development. The software we program is of such complexity, and the innovations succeed each other at such a pace, that this is not a job you do on the side. Our developers and architects are highly skilled. They live and breathe JavaScript. With a single goal in mind: translating top-notch techniques into new opportunities for our clients, with the shortest possible time to market.